Story of The Good Harvest School

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Ashita Nath – co founder of The Good Harvest School, about their journey and vision for the first Agriculture based school for rural girls.

We could clearly see the strength and conviction of Ashita, her husband Anish and their entire women lead team in making this a successful case for many others to follow.

They have identified the lack of circumstances for a girl child in making her own choices and decided to address that issue. They are running a school for girls where the curriculum is mainly agriculture and farming based but along with basic knowledge required of other subjects like languages, mathematics, science and so on.

The idea is to empower girls to earn their living by utilising their farm lands efficiently.

In News

They have been covered by various media houses in India and also BBC Hindi. Here is a link to their youtube channel where you can find videos of their journey, Ashita’s talk with TEDx. Be sure to check out the journey of Meenu and Anchal – We love them!

The next step for them is to formalise this curriculum and idea by the Government of India, for which they are focussing on building their own campus as in the pictureπŸ‘‡πŸΌ.

The good harvest school

So, they are raising funds for setting up The Good Harvest School campus as planned.

This is where we can pitch in, and every penny counts! Please donate and spread the word if you find the cause worthy 😊

You can either donate through milaap or find their bank account details on their website for direct transfer.

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