Mindset Matters


Today I came across this story about elephants which clears explains how conditioned minds behave.. suddenly it seemed so true and very real because ..Yes ! that’s what I have been doing mostly and the few times I did something different than what my mind was conditioned to ..I was alone and battling with so many if’s and but’s…

But this is the very habit that needs to be addressed.. and as thriving individuals we should support each other in taking that path less trodden ..

Sky is the limit and that is not a dreamy catch phrase.. but absolute truth ..

When you know what you are doing, when you have done enough ground work.. then yes Sky is the limit !

Think beyond our conditioning in all aspects of living..be it your career choices, eating habits and helping and support each other ..

But.. when you find a good habit which enhances your living..don’t forget to condition your subconscious mind to practice it daily ..

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