Becoming a Konmari Consultant

Who doesn’t like to come back to a tidy house which is only sparking joy ? Women have always had a flare for keeping their homes tidy, but are there a new league of women who are taking this to another level ?

Did you hear about Konmari Method ?

The KonMari Method™ encourages tidying by category – not by location – beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go.

Journey of a Konmari Consultant by Janine Morales

Today, we are hearing all about the journey of Janine Morales, certified konmari consultant, sparking joy in her life and her clients🌟

So, lets dive into what she has to say, that can spark joy in our day 😊

KKosmos: So Janine, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started your Konmari consultant journey?

Janine: Hello I am Janine Morales, I was at a point of my life where I found it very overwhelming. As a full time teacher, student, caregiver of a wounded veteran and a mom, I was juggling taking care of finances, household chores, getting school work done, being a productive employee while also being present with my family.

I struggled keeping my household together and could never find things I was looking for, I felt like I had nothing to wear even though my closet was bursting (or at least I could not find anything that made me feel good). I came across the book “The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo, I thought I am only going to organise my home. I was wrong!

I ended up getting my whole life in order. We decluttered about 80% of our stuff including a car and became debt free in the process. We were confronted with reevaluating our priorities and the concept of what brings us joy. We have become more conscious about where to spend our money and our time and are now living our best life.

KKosmos: What are the main pillars of the Konmari concept ?

Janine: There are 6 pillars of tidying up

1.     Envision your ideal lifestyle. Ask yourself “where do you want to be in 1 year, 3 years or even 10 years?”. Do you want to move? Maybe go back to school? Start your own business? Or maybe just spend more time with your mom or play more with your kids? Whatever the answer may be, it is different for everyone. Vision is the most important step in my opinion, because when you have goals for your life, it is easier to get motivated to do the little things along the way.

2.     Commit yourself to tidying up, which does not mean to get everything done on one day, but the important thing is setting yourself a timeline and weekly schedule for tidy up. I suggest giving yourself 3-6 months, depending on the size of your home and the amount of stuff you own.

Journey of a Konmari Consultant by Janine Morales

3.     Tidy by category not by room. This makes sense as you don’t want to start over and over again every time you go into another room of your home. You will never finish tidying when you tidy by room. When you organise category wise, you take this category (say clothes) from all rooms and organise it at once and you are done with it for good. The reason we do this is because you want to have a visual of how much we really own in that category and many people often underestimate how much they really have.

By seeing the sheer volume of your belongings, you can make a better informed decision about what can stay and what should go.

4.     Tidy in order. The order is clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and lastly cherished gifts and legacy items. We do this because we want to learn to make easy decisions before we make hard decisions. As you can imagine it is easier to make a decision about a holy pair of socks than it is to make a decision about your inherited china from grandma.

5.     Only keep what sparks joy. Make sure you touch every single item and ask if it sparks joy or supports you in your ideal lifestyle. If the answer is yes, keep it and if the answer is no, say thank you and goodbye.

6.     After joy checking, put items back neatly. Another reason it makes sense to take all of your belongings from one category out of the space it was in, is to see what the space looks like when it’s empty. It gives you a chance to be able to change things around or improve the way you want your items stored.

KKosmos: What are the physiological effects this has on a person, is there a positive mind shift?

Janine: Gratitude is a huge part of this philosophy that makes it easier to part with your stuff and appreciate the things you have. By asking yourself “does it spark joy” you train your brain to choose happiness. Instead of focusing on something negative (what can I get rid of?) you make a conscious decision about getting closer to ideal lifestyle and happiness in the future and it gives you a sense of control by making those decisions.

KKosmos: How did you change your lifestyle to embrace this concept, was it easy?

Janine: I just followed the book on how to organise your home and saw the benefits of owning less stuff, which meant less time spent cleaning, maintaining and searching for things. After a while I started using the phrase “does it spark joy?” in all aspects of my life and now it has really become a lifestyle. I as a person, mother, wife and entrepreneur feel so much more happy, authentic and true to myself.

KKosmos: How did you influence your family and friends, are there any success stories?
Journey of a Konmari Consultant by Janine Morales

Janine: My husband has PTSD and TBI from the Military and being in war. He has memory issues he often would get very frustrated when he could not find what he was looking for either because he forgot, or it did not put back where he got it from. When he saw the benefits of organising my stuff, he asked me if I could help him organise his things too. Having less and giving every item a home has helped him tremendously with his organisational problems and is now not an issue anymore.

KKosmos: What is advice for fellow women on KonMari, and in general running a family, and as a mother? – how does all this blend in and be instrumental in enhancing our lives?

Janine: Have a vision, take one step at the time, your life does not change overnight. Downsize or outsource the responsibilities that do not spark joy or make you feel overwhelmed. In my family we hired a gardener for yard work. We also order weekly prepared meals to take the pressure off of me to cook three times a day but still have healthy foods at home. Not only does it help me feel less stressed, but I can also enjoy more what matters to me (being present with my family).

KKosmos: How do you manage your time between your family and your business? Can you pass on any tips to other women who wish to have their own business and earn while giving ample time to the family?

Janine: Have realistic expectations. Set a schedule for everything – your work, housework, childcare, breaks, dates, fun. I used to do the majority of my work when my son was in school, Now with the Pandemic, I set regular (short 1-3 hour) time blocks to get my work done.

KKosmos: Are there any other concepts like KonMari, do you recommend any?

Janine: Something that has helped us along the way and has a similar concept is the Dave Ramsey Method, which is basically how to organise your finances. I recommend the Facebook group Dave Ramsey + KonMari where you can find many like minded individuals that found fusing both methods have a positive impact on their life overall.

KKosmos: How was your experience getting trained by Marie Kondo, do you have a word for her? 
Journey of a Konmari Consultant by Janine Morales

Janine: It was truly a magical experience attending the consultant training seminar. Not only did I learn the method so much more deeply, I also became part of an amazing consultant community. When Marie steps into the room you can feel the energy changing. She has a very sweet and calm personality about her. She always has encouraging words and believes that this method changes lives in a positive way and I agree 💯 .

Totally enjoyed speaking with you Janine, best wishes, and keep sparking joy!

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Hello readers, please find, support and know about konmari from Janine @tidy.closet and don’t miss her 10×10 wardrobe experiment !

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