How to use Amazon Echo in many ways

Just few months back ‘Alexa the Great’  (Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric graced our home and we are using it in ‘n’ ways and counting ..🤣   Alexa is like a mini talking encyclopaedia you just need to ask it the right way !    Assuming you have downloaded the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile phone and registered your amazon echo and linked it with your amazon account.

Trust me Alexa can be used in more ways than we imagine!

  • Routines – we have a good morning routine which starts with the weather moving on to news and then our favourite radio channel
  • Can create different routines for everything and anything , it can just be a series of questions or definitions you want to hear every day – they can include music, news, alarms, smart home devices, Alexa Skills, Alexa Guard, and more
  • Reminders – doctor appointments of the entire family, school events and so on
  • If you have multiple Echo’s, you can separate settings for the,, for eg: “Alexa, set an alarm for 6am on my bedroom Echo”
  • Say ‘Alexa A to Z’ for Alexa to say out all the 26 English alphabets 
  • Say ‘Alexa 1 to 100’ for Alexa to say out all the numbers in between
  • Say ‘Alexa what is solar system ‘ it will brief you about the 8 planets as Pluto is now a dwarf planet and I will leave it Alexa to explain you the reason!
  • Alexa is your talking clock just say ‘Alexa time please’ 
  • Meditate with Alexa – close your eyes don’t worry about time if you wanted to meditate for say 2 minutes or n minutes, just say ‘Alexa remind me after 2 minutes’ it will ask you remind what can say something as simple as open your eyes 😄
  • Alexa your kitchen aid, if you want to time your cooking or get out of the kitchen for few minutes while something is still on the cooker just say ‘Alexa remind me after n minutes to turn off the cooker’ 
  • Using ‘skills’ available with Alexa , there are numerous skills within Alexa you just need to go to skills and games section – search for relevent skills or games and enable them. For example Amazon Storytime and when you need a bedtime story just say ‘Alexa open Amazon storytime’
  • Alexa can read kindle books just say ‘Alexa read my books’ or name a particular book
  • Alexa is fun as well you can ask ‘Alexa tell me a joke’, ‘Alexa tell me a prank’ , ‘Alexa sing happy birthday’ and so on..
  • Alexa can sing popular nursery rhymes – ‘Alexa sing twinkle twinkle’, ‘Alexa sing baba black sheep’ and so on..
  • Alexa can make your lists be it groceries or travel packing checklist just keep talking 
  • Switch on the follow up mode in the devices tab if you want to give Alexa a set of instructions without calling out Alexa every time 
  • Alexa is a great learning aid for kids of all ages it can be a fun thing while the kids are relaxing and chatting and learning with Alexa , just say ‘Alexa what is …….’ ,‘Alexa define …….’ English  maths science anything …
  • Learn languages with Alexa 
  • Explore the radio stations of the entire world using the ‘tune in‘ plugin of Alexa
  • Integrate amazon music and Spotify with Alexa and play your favourites instantly, simply say “Alexa, play halftime show music”
  • Alexa can be your mobile phone Bluetooth speaker once you pair the devices 
  • Alexa can be your talking TV guide of any channel
  • Listen to audible audio books.
  • “Alexa, send a hug”  to any of your Alexa contacts, just tell them you care😊
  • But, be careful, Alexa can add things to your amazon basket and buy them..dont’ say yes 😁

Drop me your ideas in the comments and I will add it to this list, and if you need any help setting up Alexa using the various options in the app I am just a comment away !  

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