How to make GIFs on WhatsApp

Lockdown giving us opportunities to explore and what better than some GIPHY fun!

GIF’s are fun and my personal favourites, we can create our own GIF’s on the go using WhatsApp as long the duration of the video is less than or equal to 6 seconds. WhatsApp gives you the option of converting the video into GIF. Check this out to know more 👇

How to

make a GIF



Also did you notice the new double arrow on some forwards like this 👇 it indicates the message has been forwarded at least 5 times in a chain since the original sender and very likely not your close contact.. in an attempt to limit the spreading of rumours WhatsApp is restricting the forwards of these kind of messages to only one person or group at a time.

Also you must be already using the new cool ‘Together at Home‘ sticker pack released by WhatsApp partnering with the World Health Organisation.

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