20 Everyday Green Choices

Everyday Green Choices – check what we have!

Everyday Green Choices
Everyday Green Choices

1. Bamboo toothbrush

  1. Home made tooth powder

  2. Organic plastic free cruelty free bath products

  3. Mind your 🚿 time, use low flow settings

  4. Plastic free tea bags

  5. Cook your own food as much as you can, avoid all the packaging and carbon footprint in the process

  6. Rethink your cleaning agents, can you do with less chemicals ? Can we use coconut scrubs to clean the dishes ?

  7. Use the sunlight, conserve energy
  8. Grow your own herbs and greens

  9. Use less paper tissues, more reusable cloth towels

  10. Think if they are totally biodegradable before using disposable cutlery

  11. Unplug your appliances when not in use

  12. Rethink your kids toys.. do less and also wooden, don’t give into instant tantrum shopping for eg: kinder joy

  13. Do more led bulbs and solar light for outdoors

  14. Use eco settings in dishwashers and washing machines

  15. Stop using disposable water bottles

  16. Go paperless for all your bills

  17. Collect rain water, use it to water your plants

  18. Create your own compost the vegetable/fruit scraps, egg shells

  19. Cut down on meat if not totally vegetarian, meat processing is a big burden on our eco system

This is an exhaustive list and we can go on, but remember every little helps!

Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle ♻️

Check our thoughts on why eco-friendly ?


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