Cyber Safety – Kids

Cyber safety for kids is all more important now with lots of online learning going on and lockdown has increased the usage of games, learning apps etc on mobiles and tablets.

Cyber Safety for kids
Cyber Safety

What can parents do about it?

  • Make sure you are explaining the importance of internet safety and threats out there..
  • Even though it sounds bit melodramatic tell them ” Internet is a like a busy road and life changing accidents can happen if we are not careful.. and do not take the physical distance between them and the internet as safety…”
  • Don’t let the weird tension between teens and parents come in the way of making sure they are safe online !
  • Monitor them closely, install all shields to protect the devices from malware, monitor the apps and softwares they are using..
  • Make sure no auto payments are enabled in the devices used by kids..
  • Use kid friendly websites like YT Kids , Kiddle , KidRex, Safe Search
  • When leaving the kids to use original youtube, you really have to be careful with suggested content in youtube and enable all parental controls, turn search off..
  • Here are few kid friendly research websites with no advertisements
  • Teach them to have strong passwords, not to upload personal or others pictures online, even if they are funny !
  • Not to share personal information about them and family, not to accept friend requests or not play any 1-1 games with strangers..
  • Educate about how they can be attracted towards online gambling

Read these guide lines with your children pretty clear and self explanatory

Encourage them to share any suspicious online experiences with you immediately, create awareness about cyber bullying and how traumatic things can get.. – checkout this simple video with your children on how important it is not be influenced by friends to do anything on internet, for that matter outside as well..

And most importantly tell them to never participate in any internet pranks how convincing or funny or exciting it might look like.

Also checkout what children accident prevention trust has to offer for parents and kids on the eve of child safety week, specially tailored after COVID-19.

And avail the support of Lucy Faithful Foundation for a child safety issues in United Kingdom.


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