Bio Enzymes – cleaning alternative

Bio Enzymes are nothing but chemical free cleaning solutions prepared at our home using our organic waste and more ingredients.                                           

Ingredients: 1 part jaggery, 3 parts lemon and orange peels, 10 parts water. (You can use a cup, mug or vessel to measure your ingredients according to your needs). 

What is the logic of Bio Enzyme?  

So it uses natures bugs to clean up our mess. The Bacillus bug present in Bio Enzyme is not harmful in any way to humans or animals. It is a harmless spore and is present both in soil and in the environment. The Bacillus used in Bio Enzyme is a single celled bacteria species (prokaryotic), which means that it can not interact with the environment. 

It is particularly well suited to cleaning applications as a consequence of being safe and easy to handle and is not too fussy about what it eats.

Story Courtesy @aroma_care_solutions

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