3 Best Resources for HomeSchooling

If you are still on the look for homeschooling resources, we got you more here 👇

Homeschooling Oxford Owl
Oxford Owl offers free access to e-library
  1. With the lockdown there are chances we run out of books at home, but before you look further to buy books online register yourself at Oxford OWL and make full use of the audio enabled free e-library and many more activities and games to explore, Not one to miss!

2. Oak National Academy is providing year wise lessons with assessments to start with, and guess what! they have weekly assembly with guest speakers, we are sure all kids are missing their school assemblies and this is something to checkout.

3. All new Phonics Play is offering free access (username: march20 Pwd: home) to all their lessons and fun games in support of homeschooling during COVID-19 and looks like the best place to learn phonics not just for the kids but also for parents struggling to support their kids on phonics.

Homeschooling Phonics Play
Phonics Play Games

Nursedotty is a platform providing interesting books about health care in a way better understood by children and now they have come up with this illustration to explain children about corona virus.

Don’t forget to download and read “Dave the dog is worried about coronovirus” with your child..

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