Beginner’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Living Continued

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Beginner’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Living continued here..

  • Refuse to buy single use plastic to start with, reduce buying other types of plastic, not easy but you have to start somewhere, reuse the plastic you already have for different purposes, recycle what you can, use local charitable organisations to dispose unused stuff responsibly.
  • Find sustainable alternatives for plastic – we should not forget the havoc plastic is creating in our oceans..
  • Know your packaging read the symbols right.. find more about plastic codes here
Beginners Guide to Eco-Friendly Living
Reduce Refuse Reuse Recycle
  • Clothes and fast fashion – reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Create your own compost with vegetable/fruit waste and peels, invest in a compost bin
  • Or start fertilising your soil by burying vegetable/fruit scraps and egg shells in your garden
  • Buy local produce as much as possible
  • Try not to upgrade your electronics often, get off that tendency, you will save good money too.. same goes with furniture and things around the house..
  • Parties and the waste around it, reuse theme party materials, loan or borrow… do you know how long it takes for a balloon to degrade ? Latex balloons are biodegradable but foil balloons are not, balloon releases are also not eco friendly..
  • I cannot even imagine the waste around extravagant ultra rich celebrations.. I will leave it to your interest to explore more..
  • Dispose your building waste responsibly, look out for ♻️options..
  • Dispose batteries and electronics responsibly – make use of local ♻️options

Intentions matter,, we have messed up a lot so far and am sure lot of ideas will come up to mend.. But the question here is if you believe every little helps?

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