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Today we are reviewing the ‘one of its kind’ AI powered yoga app Zenia. For beginners, I am sure there is always a worry if we are doing it the right way in the absence of a qualified instructor. I have that worry every other time and Zenia looks like a solution.

Standout feature of Zenia is, it will give posture corrections like a real time yoga instructor would do. Scanning through 16 major joints of human body to give useful feedback within seconds! And also highlights basic safety practices.

What technologies are used?

Zenia is tapping into machine learning, computer vision and motion tracking.

How do we help Zenia to give us these suggestions ?

Placing the phone on the floor or on a stable object around 2.5 meters away from you. Front camera is the reason Zenia can do this and we need to make sure it is not obstructed by anything else.

What lessons are offered?

There are around 5 lesson plans and 21 individual practices for different goals as it is today. Depending on the goal the lesson plan differs, your goal can be strength, weight loss, or stress relief.

Also there are detailed written and video instructions for each yoga pose, which is really handy for beginners.

Last but not the least

Zenia is offering 3 months free access to its premium version now and is not one to miss! Don’t look further make use of the free trial now. Sign up, subscribe and when you just want to give a try and not get charged for it, cancel the subscription immediately. You will still be able to go ahead with the 3 months premium access. Enjoy !

Stay Safe – Stay Strong – Please share it, if you like it 🙏

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