3 Coding resources for kids

Coding resources for kids have become as essential as any other subject now, and we are bringing you few best resources available online.

Coding has become an everyday thing in the digital age. Introducing 21st century kids to coding at an early age will only make things easier for them.

So why don’t you try these 3 cool resources to introduce or enhance your child’s coding skills. All these resources are useful for parents and teachers as well.

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Code.org is a non profit initiative to provide computer science access to every student and underrepresented youth, and it is completely free. They have an hour of code program which gives a timed environment to create something cool and get acquainted with coding.

3 Coding resources for kids - Hour of Code
Hour of Code
3 Coding resources for kids - Hour of Code
Create your own dance party, even 4 year olds!

CodeMonkey has clear lesson plans from age 5, starting with fundamentals of coding to practicing coding for higher age ranges. Make use of their 14 day free trial and check out if the lesson plans hold you!

3 Coding resources for kids - Code Party

Tynker provides a clear path to work your way up in the coding world for the age range 5-17 years. Their premium membership is completely free during school closures.

3 Coding resources for kids - Tynker

To mention some qualities that coding enhances

  • Logical Reasoning – identifying dependencies is one fun thing!
  • Problem Solving – so many problems so little code 😁
  • Persistence and Patience – not easy creating a bug free code!
  • More confident – because they understand how things around them work!
  • Prepared for the world – picking up coding at an older age is much different to studying it like english or math right from the beginning
  • Team work – understanding that key to creating wonderful things, lies in having a great team with you!

Coding brings in a galore of benefits but always remember anything in moderation is key!

And while leaving your kids with the computer don’t forget to caution them about cyber safety !

Also don’t miss our fun coding basics quiz !

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